Women’s Self-Defense    


A course designed for women to learn the necessary skills to avoid becoming a victim. This program is taught in a safe atmosphere where women can practice proven methods that will decrease the likelihood of an attack as well as physical techniques to effectively defend and disable an attacker.


This course teaches the basic elements of MMA (striking, throwing and grappling) but is focused on practical self-defense rather than competition. Having a broad base of skills combined with defensive tactics has been proven to be extremely effective. This course also focuses on awareness, prevention and psychological techniques to keep women safe in and attack. No martial arts uniforms or belts are used. Participants can become certified to teach the program after completing three levels of training.


Statistics regarding assaults on women are staggering. Every woman should have the basics of self-defense, and more importantly methods of prevention that may save them from a potential attack. This course is designed to provide those vital skills to those most in need of them. 



Kodenkan, Martial Arts Academy, Tucson, AZ



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