Weapons (Karate Kobudo)


This course focuses on the traditional Karate portion of the Gosinjitsu self-defense system and the weapons training that comes from Kobudo. Learn forms, stances, strikes and hand arts in a non-contact format as well as traditional Karate weapons such as the nunchaku, tonfa, sai, staff and others. Open to all adults and children over the age of 8 or to Orange Belts or higher in Goshinjitsu. 


Karate Do (the way of the empty hand) has a long and rich history made even more popular by movies and media throughout the years. In our self-defense system, Matsuno Ryu Goshinjitsu, the style of Karate that most influenced our Kata (forms) was Shorin Ryu Karate. With some basic drills, 6 beginning forms and a few higher level forms a student can learn the basics of Karate. In this class we teach these forms and drills in a safe, non-contact format so students of all ages, sizes and abilities can learn these arts.


Part of Karate’s rich tradition was the use of farm implements as weapons. Later dubbed “Kobudo” (ancient warrior arts) students of Karate have often learned how to use the Nunchaku, Sai, Tonfa, Bo staff, and other weapons as part of their training and development. Our Goshinjitsu Karate and Kobudo class teaches the basics of these weapons forms and uses in order to help students develop strength, coordination, flexibility and balance. Have fun in this course learning these forms and weapons in a safe, non-contact environment.


Yawara, (hand arts) are techniques that teach how to escape from or disable an attacker. In our Karate and Kobudo course we teach these basic hand arts to help students learn these skills without adding the elements of throwing and grappling present in our Jujitsu curriculum. Students of any age, size and physical fitness level can participate safely in this class. Come try a class and enjoy the benefits that the study of the martial arts can bring you.



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