Learn a combination of karate, boxing and Muay Thai techniques in a class that focuses on proper technique and form as well as sparring and competition applications. Classes are a high-intensity workout and students must acquire the proper safety gear to participate. This course can be taken by itself, or as a supplement to the Hiraido MMA program. 


Our Kickboxing classes teach footwork, defense, pad work, heavy bag training, sparring techniques, and other applications of the striking arts, so they should not be confused with other kickboxing classes designed more as exercise courses.


Learning striking techniques is one of the key components of a practical self-defense. It is also usually the first way an attacker tries to assault a victim. Learning to block punches correctly, move and keep your balance is vital to being able to deliver stunning or even knockout blows to an assailant and still stay on your feet and escape. As a self-defense, or for competition, our Kickboxing class will give you effective striking skills and a great workout.  



Kodenkan, Martial Arts Academy, Tucson, AZ



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