Japanese Sword (Ryuseiken)


The ancient Japanese art of the Samurai Sword that focuses on principles of sword fighting on the battlefield. Students of Ryuseiken Batto-Do learn and practice a combination of Kata (forms) with a wooden sword, sparring with Goshinken (padded swords) and Tameshigiri (test-cutting) with live swords. Straw targets are used for test cutting to enhance technique and deepen the students’ understanding of the Katana.


Ryuseiken Batto-Do, “the Way of the Dragon Star Sword”, was founded by Mitsuhiro Saruta, Soke, in Osaka , Japan. Combining elements of Kendo, Iaido and Batto-Do, Saruta Sensei founded Ryuseiken to bring together the three key areas of sword study; forms, applications and test-cutting. Having studied Kendo since the age of 6, he knew the applications for sparring, but wished to know more about using a real sword. After studying various forms of Iaido, (which focuses on teaching the forms used in the study of the katana) Sensei later began test-cutting and then came across Toyama Ryu Batto-Do. Batto-Do was the only sword art around at that time practicing Tameshigiri (test-cutting using straw targets). As Saruta Sensei began to combine the things he had learned throughout a lifetime of sword study, he saw that a balanced curriculum would be best, so he founded Ryuseiken Batto-Do to bring together these essential elements of Japanese samurai sword study.  



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