For the past 28 years, the KMAA has offered the Tucson community quality martial arts instruction. Today, we are proud to bring our most diverse, qualified and experienced team of instructors whose mission is to help you achieve your personal goals safely and effectively. Come meet us and watch or try a class! 



John McGraugh, Shihan

BA Education, 27 years experience teaching children

Matsuno Ryu Goshinjitsu, 6th degree Black Belt

Hiraido, 5th degree Black Belt

Ryuseiken Batto-Do, 5th degree Black Belt

Kodokan Judo, 1st degree Black Belt

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Paul Anders-Stout, Sensei

Hiraido, 4th degree Black Belt

Matsuno Ryu Goshinjitsu, 2nd degree Black Belt

BJJ, Black Belt

2017 World Master (IBJJF), Black Belt (Bronze)

2016 World Master (IBJJF), Brown Belt (Silver)

2016 Pan American (IBJJF), Brown Belt (Gold)

2016 Arizona State (AZSBJJF), Brown Belt (Gold)

2014 World Master (IBJJF), Purple Belt (Silver)

2014 Pan American (IBJJF), Purple Belt (Silver)

2013 American Nationals, Open Purple Belt (Silver)

2013 Pan American (IBJJF), Blue Belt (Gold)


Gregg Tobias, Sensei

Kajukenbo, 7th degree Black Belt

Tony Boucher, Sensei

7 years experience teaching elementary school P.E.

Matsuno Ryu Goshinjitsu, 3rd degree Black Belt


Luis Antonio Romero, Sensei

Hiraido, 3rd degree Black Belt

BJJ, Brown Belt

Terry Hall LMT, Sensei

Hiraido, 2nd degree Black Belt

BJJ, Blue Belt


Stephen Samson, Sensei

Silat, Guro

Kali, Guro

Nei Jia Quan, Instructor

Matsuno Ryu Goshinjitsu, 2nd degree Black Belt

Reilly Leppert, Sempai

Kajukenbo, Black Belt

Hiraido, Black Belt

Assistant instructor with Little Dragoons head instructor

Tony Boucher, Sensei

Mona Chambers, Sempai

Hiraido, 1st degree Black Belt

BJJ, Purple Belt

Ashley Klaas, Sempai

Hiraido, Purple Belt

BJJ, Purple Belt

Steve Armijo, Sempai

Hiraido, Blue Belt

BJJ, Purple Belt

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