Filipino Martial Arts (Kali-Silat)   

Kali and Silat are terms used for Filipino Martial Arts.  Eskrima, Arnis, and many other names also apply to the war arts from this region.


In the old world, Filipino Martial Arts were used in war to oppose would be conquerors, and in peace to defend family and community against men with evil intent.  Today, they are sought after by military and law enforcement special units around the world because of their practical take on combat, and applicability in modern operations. 


The unarmed segment of our Kali program teaches you no-nonsense, effective self-protection in a style of fluid, relaxed, movement.  This includes striking, clinching, and ground ranges, defense against weapons, multiple opponents, and the fundamentally important subjects of situational awareness and conflict de-escalation.


The weapon portion focuses on giving you actual fighting proficiency (not just forms and patterns) with knife, sword, impact, and improvised weapons in the various ranges of a real, deadly force, encounter. 


The movements of Kali emphasize fluidity and timing, skill, and targeting vital vulnerable areas of the body, rather than brute strength.  Because of this, they are a great fit for women, and men, for reality based self defense.


Our curriculum is based on the Silat For the Street, and Battlefield Kali programs designed by Burton Richardson, from several decades of exhaustive FMA research on what specific elements will help you prevail in an actual, dangerous combat situation.



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