Adult Self-Defense


A powerful & easy to learn method of self-defense that capitalizes on our natural startle reactions and is tailored for men and women (14+) that want to learn how to protect themselves, but can’t handle the physical demands of training in other forms of martial arts. The friendly tone of the class allows anyone, regardless of fitness level or physical limitations, to benefit. Sore knees, bad backs, etc. are welcome and respected!


The course is a blend of techniques from jujitsu, aikido, and striking designed to neutralize any advantage of size or strength an opponent may have. You won’t have to take falls or wrestle, but will learn the best way to stay on your feet and escape from harm. Because self-defense is about survival and there are no rules in the street, techniques are designed to quickly stun and disable, permitting you to escape. Students learn how to avoid becoming a target and, perhaps most importantly, how to change the psychological dimension of an attack and turn the tables on an attacker.


Taught by Kevan Schlamowitz, Sensei, who is committed to demonstrating that age or physical limitations are not an excuse to avoid learning self-defense and improving coordination, balance, and self-confidence.


Comfortable workout clothing (no zippers or buttons) or martial arts gi uniform required.



Kodenkan, Martial Arts Academy, Tucson, AZ



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